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    Hello I wanna get into playing GTA FiveM on the eGO server but not sure how to get started. I've played on it before but it glitched out on letting create a character and now I'm stuck as a bald guy and as well as not sure what do even do as far as getting started. Help please

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    @DArkaisGaming PM me on discord and I get you setup! OptionOut#2524
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    Hi there @DArkaisGaming

    The Recruitment Coordinators for GTA V Division created this "Getting Started" document, it covers everything you need to know! If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to Private Message me

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    🎮 Vote for our FiveM server here:

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    Hey, my names 'Ol Greg Jenkins' on the server. If you ever see me around or in the city let me know and I can show you the ropes a bit. My phone number in game is #46930. Add it through your phone by pressing f1 and going to contacts>addcontact. Best of luck!

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