Hello Civilians, Weazel News is accepting applications found Here if you ever wanted to be an interviewer, camera operator, journalist, news host, news pilot, weather reporter, someone that broadcasts live to the public, Weazel news is the place for you.

This is mainly an RP job, However, we do get paid a salary, When you start off in Weazel news you start as a recruit, Recruits get paid a 600$ salary, but when you get your training and pick if you wanna be a Reporter, camera operator or a journalist, that pay goes up to a 1,200$ salary, it then goes up by a 100 if you get promoted to a Sr rank, and then if you get promoted to TL its 1,400, Regional manager and general manager is 1,500 and C.O.O and C.E.O get paid 1,700.

None of these spots are filled yet, I'm looking for people to fill those ranks, I will also be looking for a second in command, to help me run Weazel news itself.

if you do apply, make sure to read the sop first.