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    Default November 9 | Truck Wars

    Truck Wars

    Truck Wars will be held on November 9
    7pm EST / 6pm CST / 4pm PST

    Host: EpicFlamingos

    Event Description
    Ts have to try and steal an oil tanker from the CTs and bring it back to their base. They have access to vehicles and different weapons to help them. The CTs have to defend against the Ts and make sure that they don't steal the oil tanker, and try and kill all of them.

    Event Server:

    Event password will ONLY be given out in TeamSpeak

    Don't forget to join our CS Steam Group! You will receive notifications on our current and future events!
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    I'm ready
    11-02-2019 =(e)=
    01-01-2020 =(eG)=
    01-26-2020 JB SS
    02-14-2020 =(eGO)=
    02-16-2020 AT
    04-12-2020 EC

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    Oh my god an event I can attend!

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    I wish I could attend but this is the one day i'm busy
    Edit: nvm changed my plans up see y’all there!
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    Dont think Iíll make it, off at 5pst D:

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