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    Default Royal Rumble Domination Winners!

    Out of the 10 people who posted domination pictures, the following 3 were randomly chosen as our winners - the prizes they chose are listed after their name:

    1. TomSL - Unusual Taunt: The Victory Lap, Unusual Effect: Skill Gotten Gains
    2. Drewerth - Strange Shooting Star
    3. Shower - Strange Festivized Professional Killstreak Jag, Killstreaker: Cerebral Discharge, Sheen: Manndarin

    Enjoy your prizes!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TomSL View Post
    @peloc you let this happen
    Yea, so give me the award, I essentially gave it to you

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    It's okay. I'll be on the LE team next time.
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    Congratulations, my dudes! Kicking Leaderships' collective asses was fun 8)

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