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    Default name change

    dont you think it should just say call of duty now since there are so many and a new one comes out every year? plus now add battlenet usernames added also right under steam names. just a thought
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    +1 we need that. It is basically dead due to ww2 being dead.
    Naming it call of duty will be less effort to change it every year to the new cod coming up.

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    So you guys wanting the forum title to be changed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff7890110 View Post
    So you guys wanting the forum title to be changed?
    Totally - I feel like we renamed this one a few times as other CoD games came out and I don't really know why we did it that way.

    Granted, the forum hasn't had much discussion ever - we would almost be better off scraping the section and using general gaming until there's more posts about CoD to warrant a forum.

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    I just say rename forum to just say cod. Still would like just a pure place to talk about call of duty games. @Simon if were talking about removing a section on the forums just because it doesnt get any Discussions then wouldnt that apply to most of our popular game forums then?
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    Pretty generic and i think it could work
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    Well in the meeting, this was decided and this forum should be renaming here shortly.

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    Per meeting, forum has been renamed.

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