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    Exclamation Judicial Vacancy - Judge wanted!


    Important news for the state of San Andreas, the Honorable Judge Potato has resigned from the U.S. District Court leaving a judicial vacancy. The state of San Andreas is looking to hire an experienced practitioner of law to begin working with the County Police to confirm and approve various facets of the law.

    -Deep understanding of the law.
    -No criminal record.
    -No active responsibilities with current Emergency Services.
    -Able to act without bias and provide a professional interaction with civilians and law enforcement.
    -Previous law experience (non LEO) a plus.
    -Have a secure understanding on the state's law book and criminal law.

    -Review requested warrants to make sure they are grounded in probable cause.
    -Future projects may include the development of a full judiciary system including court hearings.

    If this is something you'd be interested in, please apply HERE

    **Disclaimer** All prospective applicants will be interviewed by GTA Leadership. GTA Leadership has the right to deny any applicant if the applicant is found to have poor standing with the community. Applications will remain open until a suitable person is found.
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    The - No active responsibilities with current emergency services. is that per account or per character

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archer View Post
    The - No active responsibilities with current emergency services. is that per account or per character
    To prevent bias and conflict of interest, per account.

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    if you are currently in an emergency services department, would you have to leave to apply? Or would it be a "If i get accepted ill drop all active responsibilities with emergency service" Because if you have to quit ES to apply to a position you may not get, its a huge gamble
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    @Chicken Noodle Soup

    For now, we’re gonna go ahead and say that you may apply while in the PD or EMS, but upon acceptance all duties must be dropped.
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    Another job opportunity has opened up for me. I am therefore cancelling my application. I hope that the person who is accepted can bring this city the peace it deserves.

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