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Thread: Diablo 4!

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    Default Diablo 4!

    In Case y'all missed it! Then Blizzard announced Diablo 4 the 1st of November 2019!

    Diablo 4 Trailer:

    I know for sure that I will be playing Diablo 4 once it release and i cant wait for some actual gameplay to release!

    Who else is going to play?

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    I loved D3 a ton. Sunk a lot of hours into it. Looking forward to seeing what D4 has to offer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon View Post
    I loved D3 a ton. Sunk a lot of hours into it. Looking forward to seeing what D4 has to offer
    Same, the endless grind in D3 was addicting in a way. I Think D4 will be introducing the Druid class. Personally i cant wait to see how that will turn out!

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    Blizzard has always had good cinematics, or rather great! I am one of the victims of Diablo 3, although I wrote a lot of guides on goblins and wings (I'm making money from it) - but I don't like this game and is lucky the Path of Exile was released quickly. I hope the new Diablo will be better than PoE. As a curiosity I will add that the name of the Diablo game does not come from the Spanish word "Diablo" and from Diablo Mount next to which lived Brevik (creator of Diablo). If I remember correctly, he didn't know what Diablo meant until he was 17, he just liked the name

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    I passed on D3 regrettably due to a shortage of money and a PC to weak to handle the game during my Freshman year of college. May pick up D4.

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    I know for a fact I’m going to play Diablo 4 with some of my friends and hopefully there is a Diablo community here at eGO who is also into franchise @redchance wait for some gameplay to release and see how it is turning out. @BonusLPG that is pretty cool and true let’s hope D4 is better

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    Im sure I will like the game irregardless @Hotshot. I was really interested D3 and since I didn't get to play it I have no baseline to compare D4 to other than other RPG style games which I already know its unique compared to others.

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    Thats true, personally i cant wait to spend hours upon hours grinding again in the Diablo universe. Beside from the little knowledge we know so far, then D4 will look amazing graphicly

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