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Thread: BUG report

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    Post BUG report

    everytime i take off the livery for my gtr it comes back after i close the menu, and when i press my f10 nothing happens (people have told me that is the livery menu). is there a way i can get the car changed out or anything? i think ive spent about 15K in the last three days trying to fix it

    Heres the link to proof:

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    Make a bug report in the bug section not here


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    Quote Originally Posted by whatusying View Post
    Make a bug report in the bug section not here
    @claire Here's the link to our bug report forum:
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    Not a bug really, the f10 menu works with this to put the stickers on. Check your settings to be sure your key binds aren't messed up.

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    what setting would it be for the stickers menu? @Summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summer View Post
    yeah i dont have that, nothing pops up. idk why because ik my f10 works

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