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    Default Shadowlands

    What are your thoughts on the next expansion? It seems interesting.

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    from a story standpoint it makes me sad
    from a features standpoint i am whelmed

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    Storywise I really hate what they're doing to Sylvanas, I swear to god if they pull a Garrosh 2.0 I am going to explode.

    On the fence about whether I'll be playing it, honestly I have Classic rn and I'm closing in on 60, so I might be on Retail for now.

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    i love too see the new expansion and im glad the horde, have removed sylvanas cuz she was the worst leader for the horde im glad everyone is against her now, and if they make a new warchief make it a better one that want the best for the horde :D

    even though im a ally player

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    I hope to see an orc warchief, Garrosh was my favorite. As for the features, I look forward to see the level squish to 60. I wouldn't mind being able to play WoTLK up to lvl 50 then start Shadowlands.

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    Excuse me, how is someone raised by a lich king wearing that helmet able to break that same helmet using their bare hands.
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    I never get the complaints about Sylvanas. She clearly has wanted to die for a while now and that's where they're driving this next expansion. Would you really want to linger on for eternity as one of the undead?

    I really liked the trailer. Great fight sequence and demonstrates Sylvanas breaking free from the influences of the lich king and the helm of domination. That moment when you thinks she's going to put on the crown only to break it was unexpected.
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