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    Default Rework the Deathstation.

    At the moment I feel like death station is a bit overpowered. The deathstation does a whopping 25 dmg per second. If you think about it, if you get in range of it within 4 seconds your dead, you don't have enough time to destroy the death station.

    I think this should happen to the deathstation:
    1. You get damaged every 2-3 seconds.
    2. It does 20 damage instead of 25.
    3. The range is increased.
    4. The T who placed the Deathstation should get the actual kill.

    1. I think that getting damaged every second is annoying and over powered.
    2. 25 Damage can kill you in 4 ticks while 20 will kill you in 5 ticks, this should give you enough time to atleast look for the death station, this will make T's think more about where to put the death station so people can't easly find it.
    3. The range is quite small already, I've seen the deathstaion be in a corner of a small room and still not damage people in it.
    4. Right now if you place a deathstation and it kills someone you don't get the kill, this means you also don't get the credits. I think it would just be a good addition.

    This is just my opinion, tell me what you think.
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    To be honest I feel like all those variables (time, dmg, etc) could be configurable parameters to allow leadership easy access to change them.

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    The Deathstation definitely needs a rework, as it is now it takes 4 seconds for an Innocent to be taken from 100 - 0 health. This gives Innocents barely enough time to get out of the room the Deathstation is in, let alone potentially find and destroy it.

    I don't agree with decreasing the damage it deals, but increasing the time it takes to deal out damage to 2 seconds would drastically help balance it out. Slightly increasing the Deathstation's radius would help compensate for the nerf.
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    Agreeing with all points (and the tweak Damon said above) but not the range. In cases of maps like closequarters (where most of the people drop deathstations in that corner of the T room) you can easily trap people from crossing without taking damage while they could not spot where the death station is not visible. I know it would still be bad in open maps but traitors already have strong kits to deal with each map.
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    This has been implemented. Thanks for the suggestion~


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