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    Default October Recruitment Contest Winners

    October Recruitment Contest Winners
    10/28/19 | Writer: lofi | Artist: december | #edgegamers #recruitment #community

    As the recruitment contest along with the month of October comes to an end, we would like to take this time to mention all of the incredible people who devoted time and energy to recruit new members to our community. We are appreciative of those who have gone out of their way to recruitment different members of the community across different games and with this, we are also announcing our winners of the contest from each supported game/team!

    Counter Strike
    @Cian - 8 recruits - #1 Overall!
    @Spare - 4 recruits
    @Hendrix - 3 recruits

    Grand Theft Auto
    @Oblixion - 2 recruits
    @WolfyFPS - 2 recruits
    @Yxmziii - 2 recruits

    Member Services
    @ringo - 6 recruits - #2 Overall!
    @3dsam1 - 5 recruits - #3 Overall!
    @Blazey - 2 recruits

    Media Team
    @Kaise - 1 recruit
    @Thorium - 1 recruit
    @kaZZ - 1 recruit

    @damnyankee - 1 recruit

    @SpraayZ - 1 recruit

    @Adam - 1 recruit

    Tech Team
    @SmeaR - 1 recruit

    Team Fortress 2
    @Jeff7890110 - 1 recruit

    No Division
    @A Friendly Cactus - 1 recruit

    To show our appreciation to these participants in the recruitment contest, each and everyone who recruited a new member will be receiving one month of Dedicated Supporter! Please give a Huge *Round of Applause* for everyone who participated in the Recruitment Drive and make sure to be on the lookout for our next one!
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    01-29-2019 Unbanned
    02-10-2019 =(e)=
    04-21-2019 =(eG)=
    06-07-2019 =(eGO)=
    06-15-2019 MT
    01-10-2020 JB SS

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    MS team did well Good work everyone
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    I can imagine @ringos getting all the PMs while im just sitting here lmao.
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    haaha Thank you I was only trying to play my part :D

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