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    Exclamation Major Drug Announcement [November 9th Enhancement]

    Hey everyone!

    The Tech team has been working really hard on fixes and other ways to get you out of the daily (circle) routine. Jay has been working hard on this and has tested multiple scripts to find one that would be amazing for us. GTA LE team agreed.

    ~November 9th will be the last day to get rid of your drugs~

    Alright, so as many of you know the current state of the server for jobs and basically anything is just standing in circles for minutes on end and twiddling your thumbs and watching videos or what have you.

    But in 2 weeks time for the main criminal activity, we will be doing away with standing in circles as you will now need to find specific places and actually harvest specific items off the ground. This includes animations and actually walking around to (obviously) harvest said drug.

    What this means is, starting tomorrow you criminals will have 2 weeks (until the 9th) to process, and sell all of your illegal drugs.

    If you do not process or sell them when the 2 week mark hits and the new script gets added, you will lose all your drug items from your inventory, houses, and vehicles and any reimbursement made including the old drugs will NOT be handed out.

    Thanks everyone that has made suggestions in getting drugs revamped.

    -GTA Leadership Team.
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    damn i just realized how different it is with summer as community manager. Do i hear a Jay for div manager
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    Can't wait for the new system !

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