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    Default Community Manager Additions, October 2019

    Community Manager Additions, October 2019
    October 27, 2019 | #communitymanagement , #promotions


    It's time to close out the year with a bang. As we are moving into the last few months of the year we're gearing up for a big 2020. It's time to put some much needed pieces in place to make sure the future is cemented in various areas of the community. We will be adding a few folks who are very deserving of a promotion to our Community Management team.

    Jade, Community Manager of MINECRAFT
    After serving as Senior Manager for close to 5 years, Jade has agreed to step up and take over our efforts in the world of blocks moving forward. Jade's dedication can't be questioned as she was one of our longest serving Senior Managers on our roster. With Minecraft since it's early days in eGO, she has taken every task in front of her and ran with it. With many changes to both her Leadership team and the server itself, she has continued to do what's best for our community and members. We're excited to have her years of experience and the trust of the Minecraft player base as part of our Community Management Team.

    JTipton, Community Manager of BATTLEFIELD
    Another long standing Senior Manager in our community racking in over 4 years of service, JTipton agrees to take the top seat in Battlefield. Tipton, a gamer through and through who lives for time on the battlefield (no pun intended) has put immense time towards the success of the Battlefield series in eGO. Even with the ever-changing landscape of the series, you will always find Tipton in TeamSpeak grabbing a squad to jump into game with. We're thrilled to have his motivating attitude as part of our Community Management team.

    Summer, Community Manager of GRAND THEFT AUTO
    Over the course of the last year as Senior Manager in Grand Theft Auto, Summer has taken the game to new heights. Now as she closes in on her official 1 year anniversary as Sr. Manager she has agreed to take herself to new heights as she has accepted the Community Manager spot overseeing Grand Theft Auto. Whether it's been implementing new exciting features for the server or doing some behind the scenes Tech work, Summer has conquered every project in front of her. Her creativity is going to be tasked on a whole new level as she joins us on the Community Management team.

    Finally, as most of you have been made aware, Ripplytiger151 has stepped down from our team to focus his efforts towards his future career outside of eGO. We thank him for his time and efforts serving as both Grand Theft Auto and Member Services Community Manager. Ripply was a go getter who we could task with any project and he would run with it. We will miss him on our team but are excited for his future outside of the community.

    With Ripply stepping down, FirezFury has agreed to move over as Community Manager for Member Services. Over the course of the next couple of weeks Firez will begin working with AndrewW and the Member Services team to keep our critical efforts moving as planned.

    Excited for the work ahead for the new members of our Community Management team.

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    Congrats, all well-deserved!
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    Congrats to everyone, well deserved!
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    Congratulations everyone.

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    Congrats @Custom Stats always the goat in my eyes
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    Congratulations everyone!
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    Can't wait to see the great things that will come from this!

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