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Thread: hello

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    Default hello

    hi my name is aurora!! i havent played much on ego but i look forward to meeting everyone on the servers hopefully :D

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    Welcome to eGO, hope to see you around the servers!
    heidi is cute
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    Quote Originally Posted by Damon View Post
    Welcome to eGO, hope to see you around the servers!
    thank u for the help <3
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    Welcome to eGO hope to see you around!

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    Hey @aurora, welcome to the party. What servers and games do you tend to play on?

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    welcome girly! hope you enjoy your time here, u know where to find me if you got any questions :3 <3

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    Welcome to eGO. Hope to see you on the servers and don't be afraid to hop on teamspeak to hang out with people. Enjoy the stay.

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    Hey welcome to our community ^^ Enjoy your stay here!
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