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    Default Donut News Blog | Local Felon Brought To Justice

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    The Federal Agent kneels in front of the man, having just been shot in the shoulder to incapacitate him.

    Just at Midnight, an anonymous federal agent tracked down a wanted felon after he shot the same agent and carjacked his vehicle, the Felon, who's name is currently classified by court case was undergoing a routine traffic stop in downtown Korea Town when he exited his vehicle and pulled a .12 Gauge Assault Shotgun Carbine and shot the agent in the chest, all of the rounds were absorbed by his Federal Issue Tactical Kevlar Plating. Unfortunately, an anonymous citizen was also shot, reported to be a young man in his 20's, a former fire-fighter, the Felon drove around with the young man in his car as he was slowly dying in the passenger seat from multiple gunshot wounds, after a brief period the Felon left him on the street to die, where he was found.

    Following an hour long manhunt for the assailant, the same federal agent he shot an hour earlier arrived on scene to a local mechanic's shop, where the Felon was repairing the Agent's vehicle, no doubt to use it for some... nefarious purposes. After a brief standoff, the Agent landed a shot in the Felon's right shoulder, immediately incapacitating him, and hauled him off to jail.

    The court proceedings are currently unknown at this time.

    This is V. Garofalo, signing off, with the Donut News Blog;

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    Los Santos, you guys are too violent.
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    Ledzo you were driving a tank the first day you joined. Lol who's the violent one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archer View Post
    Ledzo you were driving a tank the first day you joined. Lol who's the violent one.
    i'm not violent at all
    p e r f e c t 🤍 i l l u s i o n

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