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    Default EdgeGamers Major Event Coordinator Recruitment

    EdgeGamers Major Event Coordinator Recruitment
    10/24/19 | Writer: Dryden | Artist: steep | #edgegamers #recruitment #ecs

    Calling all current and future Event Coordinators! The Major Event Coordinator team is in need of dedicated Event Coordinators to help plan out any and all major events that EdgeGamers will be hosting in the future. @Aaron, the current leader of this team, is recruiting multiple candidates to assist with this team. To be considered, you must have at least 2 months of past or current experience as an Event Coordinator within EdgeGamers.

    Are you currently an eGO with EC experience and are interested in joining this team? Then fill out an application here!
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    I wish I could join cause EC was fun when I was one.

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    Wish i could join but was really only a EC for pubg when we had a private server and couldnt really admin on it
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