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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotshot View Post
    Hey everyone here at eGO!

    My name real name is Rasmus, but since it is a rather common nordic name and hard to pronounce for most of you, can you all just call me Hotshot.

    Facts about me
    - [U]Age[/U] I Am 18 years old for now, (Turning 19 on the 10th of November)
    - Little Fun Fact One of the first things people notice about me is my height IRL.
    I am currently standing at 2 Meters tall or 6.6-6.7 feet tall!
    - Another little Fun Fact I have exercised Handball for almost 10 years and i have
    played in Liga Division (Which is the highest Division you can possibly play as under 20 years old!
    - Basic Facts I live in Denmark, which is in Europe and more precisely scandinavia.
    - Previous server was sG a.k.a Syndicate Gamers, which is the same server Thorgot and Hawk used to play on aswell. I was a Server Officer on the server, but left due to the start of High school. Now I am back and ready for a new server and excited to meet new people!

    I like
    - Sports such as Handball, American Football, Soccer and Basketball)
    - Games I play CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, World of Warcraft, The new Call of Duty
    Modern Warfare as well as other games (Feel free to ask))
    - Partying I am after all a high school boy and it is legal to drink in Denmark as soon as you turn 15! Therefor i have developed a taste for shaking my Thicc Booty to the beats of a variety of songs, with a cold one in my hand.
    - Graphic designing in my sparetime I like to draw with a drawing tablet, so if you guys have something you would like to have graphicly designed then i can surely give it a go! (No promises if it meets your expectations or standards!)
    Link to a logo i did for a team: ->

    - Get to know me as time goes by, i hope i will get to know you guys more and like wise, So dont be afraid I wont bite ( Too much )

    Looking forward for wasting countless of hours having fun with you guys here at eGO!
    See ya around;
    - Hotshot
    You being deadass? Your birthday is on November 10th?
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    @Hydra Thank you!
    @Grumpy Kitten Thank you as well!
    @Divine Haha well, might be easier if i start with opening up and tell a "little" bit about myself. Who knows! maybe someone else have same interests as i do
    @Dryden uhhh! that sounds quite interesting tbh. I'm definitely going to check that out thank you!
    @Ere Yes I am being 10 billion percent positive that, that is my birthday haha :D

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    @Hotshot we are birthday buddies then because my birthday is also november 10th and i turn 19 too
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    ah it feels good to have more europeans around

    what's your MM rank in CS:GO

    I'm the local French dude

    welcome !!

    PS: my birthday is on the 9th of November lets party
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    @Ere hahaha! lets have the greatest birthday combo of all time! and @Ledzo can delay his birthday with one day hahaha :D @Ledzo Bonjour Ledzo Je et LEM atm - have been Global but took a 2.5 years break and just returned recently I do speak a little bit of french but dont expect much haha :D

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    Welcome Hotshot! I'll be in Randers in January and am looking forward to seeing beautiful Denmark.
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    @Artimus Uhhhh that is not that far away from where i live :D, hope you enjoy the beutiful landscape as much as i do @Darling Thank you!
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    What is ligma division?
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    I will add you on steam then !
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