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    Default Introduction of myself >:^D

    Hey everyone here at eGO!

    My name real name is Rasmus, but since it is a rather common nordic name and hard to pronounce for most of you, can you all just call me Hotshot.

    Facts about me
    - [U]Age[/U] I Am 18 years old for now, (Turning 19 on the 10th of November)
    - Little Fun Fact One of the first things people notice about me is my height IRL.
    I am currently standing at 2 Meters tall or 6.6-6.7 feet tall!
    - Another little Fun Fact I have exercised Handball for almost 10 years and i have
    played in Liga Division (Which is the highest Division you can possibly play as under 20 years old!
    - Basic Facts I live in Denmark, which is in Europe and more precisely scandinavia.
    - Previous server was sG a.k.a Syndicate Gamers, which is the same server Thorgot and Hawk used to play on aswell. I was a Server Officer on the server, but left due to the start of High school. Now I am back and ready for a new server and excited to meet new people!

    I like
    - Sports such as Handball, American Football, Soccer and Basketball)
    - Games I play CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, World of Warcraft, The new Call of Duty
    Modern Warfare as well as other games (Feel free to ask))
    - Partying I am after all a high school boy and it is legal to drink in Denmark as soon as you turn 15! Therefor i have developed a taste for shaking my Thicc Booty to the beats of a variety of songs, with a cold one in my hand.
    - Graphic designing in my sparetime I like to draw with a drawing tablet, so if you guys have something you would like to have graphicly designed then i can surely give it a go! (No promises if it meets your expectations or standards!)
    Link to a logo i did for a team: ->

    - Get to know me as time goes by, i hope i will get to know you guys more and like wise, So dont be afraid I wont bite ( Too much )

    Looking forward for wasting countless of hours having fun with you guys here at eGO!
    See ya around;
    - Hotshot
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    Great intro, that logo looks really nice!

    Super nice guy, awesome to see you are here.

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    +1 For weeb avatar

    All seriousness though, welcome to the community! I hope to see you around more!
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    welcome to the community! hope you enjoy your stay <3

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    Rasmus @Hotshot,

    I love your introduction. Trust me, I know where Denmark is on a map (I can't say for the rest of the people, lol), and hopefully I will visit it someday just to see the beautiful land.
    Have fun partying both at actual parties and also in the eGO servers!

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    @Hawk, Ty my man, cant wait to beat your ass again
    @Divinity, Hahaha Much appriciated and we will for sure see eachother on JB!
    @heidi, Ty and will do! cant wait to get to know ya all
    @Capt_dez_nutz, Ty! Glad you liked it and glad you know where my little country is hahaha. Let me know when you are going to Denmark and lets all party together here at eGO!
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    Welcome, home you enjoy the community~
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    Welcome to EdgeGamers!
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    That's a lot of information eitherway, welcome to eGO. Hope to see you on our servers. Enjoy the stay.
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    Welcome you tall artist! Theres a media team where artists can apply, If you want to do that.
    Anyway see ya 'round!
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