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    Default Allow new forum accounts to respond to PMs

    Right now, the way forum pm works is that a player can not send a pm unless they have 5 or more forum thread/posts. Now I understand why this is but this brings up issues with MS and applications. For example if there is an issue with an application and it is helpful for the applicant to respond to a pm, they cant respond to it. Im suggesting that anyone who is sent a pm should be able to respond to these PMs, not send new ones. This would fix the issue of people not able to communicate with MS or anyone else that sent them a pm, and not allow spam accounts to spam PMs
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    +1, as long as they are only able to respond to PM's sent directly to them then I don't see any problem with this. Would overall help out MS when it comes to certain aspects of applications like @3dsam1 mentioned.
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    Yes please. I don't think we ever had a spam problem with PMs so, this would really help.

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    +1 +1 +1
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    Resolved, limit is still there, but selected uaergroups are allowed to pm the users which allows them to respond.

    Leadership has been notified.
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