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    34 20.73%
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    Default Are you a fan of snow?

    I used to live in Austin and I remember freaking out every time I saw snow.
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    Snow is okay.

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    I love snow! Playing in it, watching it fall and collect on the ground, hearing it crunch under my boots, the cold feeling against my gloves. It's amazing!

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    Bruh that yellow flavored snow hit different though, but sometimes its kinda salty ;/

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    Bruh that yellow flavored snow hit different though, but sometimes its kinda salty ;/
    Duly noted.

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    I dislike to take opinions about snow. I don't go outside enough to care
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    I'm one of the few people in the world who actually likes driving in the snow, as long as I'm not on the highway or interstate.

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    Due to living in Arizona (up until 3 years ago) all of my life, going to college in Vermont in 2009 was a reaaaal trip. The first winter there, when the students were told to move their cars from the lot closest to our dorm because a plow would be coming through, I volunteered to help dig cars out, even if there wasn't a shovel to do it!

    I had people from the Midwest and East Coast looking at me like I was a combination of dropped on my head repeatedly as a baby, and from another planet.

    I still love snow too.

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    Speaking of snow, Colorado is getting some as we speak.
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