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    I agree that this should be removed; firstly, because it's a poor balancing choice as mentioned above; secondly, it looks ugly and it's really low resolution; thirdly, the constant icon updates being transmitted from the server may be a source of minor lag.

    A recent lag report we ran on the server did indicate a lot of these custom UserMessages as a potential source of lag.
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    I'll leave a last post and mute the thread because this will probably be implemented:

    You can dislike my comments all you want, but that still doesn't detract from the fact that the only thing going against the icon is a case that happens maybe once every map change and not a big enough deal to spark a bigger discussion (and the server lag, but at the time, that wasn't known). While I do agree that the icon is low-res and ugly, it still helps T's in the stack to find the warden quickly because for some odd reason, the warden is at normal height.

    Not everyone has a hide bind and having the icon doesn't hurt anything (except lag, but again, that wasn't known). I've used as it as a frame of reference multiple times and seeing it being taken out will kinda suck for me because now I have to look for the big blue dude.

    Now, with the revelation with the minor lag issues, I'm all for it being removed from the game.
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    @kaZZ @Drewerth

    After discussing with LE, the icon will stay in the game. The situation where it is a negative is rare, and it helps out players locate the warden just a little bit faster, which can be the difference between being killed for delay and continuing to play the round.

    As for the !rebel command, we absolutely would like to see it added and have given it the go ahead for tech.
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    The !rebel command has been added. Thanks for the suggestion~

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