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    Default October Community Meeting

    October Community Meeting
    10/20/19 | Writing: Dryden, Blazey | Artist: steep | Editor: Thorium | #edgegamers #meeting #community


    EdgeGamers would like to invite everyone to attend the Clan Wide Meeting which will be taking place on October 26th at 9 PM EST During the meeting, we will be discussing various topics regarding the community, as well as answering any burning questions that the community may have. If you are unable to attend, do not fear as notes will be available on various posts.

    The community meeting will be held on TeamSpeak.
    TeamSpeak IP:

    Meeting Times:
    PT: 6:00 PM
    MT: 7:00 PM
    CT: 8:00 PM
    ET: 9:00 PM
    GMT: 1:00 AM (October 27th)

    Meeting Notes

    Quote Originally Posted by TomSL View Post
    A moment of silence for Day of Defeat
    Tech will be hosting classes for this interested
    GTA updates, drugs are being changed, sell your drugs within 2 weeks or you lose them, crafting them is disabled until the new system is put in.
    TF2 Jailbreak is still on the way!
    PickleZ to O
    TomSL to O
    Media is working hard of them jb/ttt videos. Expect the jb one to be out soon(ish)
    Recruitment contest winners will be announced soon
    Arbiter is hosting a second time contest! Make sure to check that out
    CS EC is open!
    Global EC is open, EC experience preferred (contact Aaron)
    CS Jailbreak Rule Changes
    PastryFox to O here's a recording of it if you want to listen
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    you keep forgetting the socials
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maryvale View Post

    you keep forgetting the socials
    How about put it in your writing
    Thanks kaZZ thanked for this post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorium View Post
    How about put it in your writing
    how about use my writing

    that some blazey shit or somethin mine was #fire

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