We here at Temporarily Effort inc. are hiring. Have a Temp job lined up? Then we will be more than happy to pretend that we got you the job. We are more than willing to represent you in that employment. Fill out this form here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...orm?usp=pp_url - with your details, and the companies details, then we'll get to approving it as soon as possible.

In cases where someone, including police, need to talk to your boss, my number is 34274, Rumple Stillskin. I can advocate on your behalf once your application is on the approved list - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing

If you're looking to be a temp. agency employee, then here's an application - https://forms.gle/s29xyiDVzgNv9yvQ8 Once approved, you'll be moved to the "employer Contacts" list.

/ooc This is not a requirement to RP the way you want, this is only to augment your rp if you want it to have a bit more legitimacy. We won't give people jobs that aren't realistic for their convictions, but it's only my opinion, please don't try to argue it in the server, discuss it here in this thread. This also doesn't give anyone an income in any way, just pure rp for the fun of it. Please dress appropriately for the job, and have the correct vehicles.