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    Default Public Safety Application - december

    GTA Public Safety Application
    Roleplay First Name
    Roleplay Last Name
    What is your real age?
    Discord Name
    bcky chan ♡#0828
    Preferred method of contact:
    Do you have a mic and teamspeak installed?
    Position you are applying for:
    Los Santos County Fire Department
    Why do you want to become emergency services?
    I really do love interacting with others on the server and want to be able to help out a bit more. When I'm on the server, there aren't many EMS/Fire Department that are on. I would love for the chance to add more to my roleplaying by adding Emergency Services and maybe be able to take some pressure off the PD so they don't have to act as EMS and are able to answer more 911 calls. I've always been interested in dispatch and emergency services.
    Have you applied to Emergency Services in the past?
    Have you ever been banned from another roleplaying server before?
    Have you ever been a member of other roleplaying communities or Grand Theft Auto (SA/IV/V) servers?
    Who were you referred by?
    Kevin Lawrence
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    Los Santos Fire Department
    6020 Capital Blvd, Los Santos, San Andreas


    After reviewing your application we have decided to invite you to a formal interview for the Paramedic position within the Los Santos Fire & Rescue.
    Please connect onto our teamspeak so you can complete an interview with one of our recruiters. We look foward to speaking with you!

    Although we appreciate your interest, your application may be cancelled if you do not take action within 72 hours (3 days).

    Hours Of Operation: (Eastern Time Zone)
    Monday-Sunday: 12:00pm-11:00pm

    If needed, you can reach me via discord: MattWithACat#1337

    Best Regards,
    David Lynch
    Deputy Chief
    Los Santos Fire & Rescue
    EdgeGamers Gaming Community

    Los Santos Fire & Rescue
    Human Resources Department

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