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Thread: Make me a build

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    Default Make me a build

    Yeah just make me one, everything but Windows or PSU. $1500 max, case has to be midtower or bigger with glass side panel (idfw Acrylic) Ryzen 7 3rd gen, and 16 gigs of RAM

    Assume 1080p high-ultra 144hz maybe some 1440p gaming
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    Left enough without rebates if you wanted to change out the gpu for a 2070 super by adding another hundred (5700xt is in a better price point then 3rd party 2070 super)
    or if you wanted to change out the case, which is always subjective to who is buying at what they want. Same with motherboard if you wanted a more feature rich MB (would go tachi/add another hundo or more)

    Side note, did you need a monitor with this too?

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