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    Default Royal Rumble

    October 29th, 2019 8PM EST/7PM CST
    Reference this For more details!

    Come join us for Royal Rumble!!!

    What exactly is a Royal Rumble?
    Leadership members join one team, non-leadership joins the other team, and the teams battle it out to see who can truly dominate the other!

    Which map will be used?
    We will be using the Halloween map Mann Manor

    What are the rules?

    1. 2 Engineers Per Team (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    Does this really need an explanation? Sentries everywhere is no fun for anyone (except the engies).

    2. 2 Medics Per Team (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    Just like the engineer rule, uber chains are no fun.

    3. Must be in Teamspeak.
    The event server will have a password. You cannot get the password if you don't join Teamspeak. Furthermore, this event is extremely reliant on teamwork. If you don't work together, you are going to get dominated and ultimately defeated. That's just how it goes and that wouldn't be fun losing like that. Leadership will be in one Teamspeak room and non-leadership will be in another. A leadership member will come into the non-leadership room and give you the password when they are ready to start.

    4. If you are dominated by ANYONE on the Leadership team, you must leave the server.
    This event is one of our most popular and many people come from our different communities to play. If you get dominated, leave the server so that someone new can get a chance to play. You are allowed to rejoin after you have been dominated. However, if you get dominated and do not leave, you will be kicked.

    Are there any prizes?
    1. Click here to post screenshots of all the dominations you got on our leadership members and get a ROYALTY award.

    2. We will randomly pick three of the people who post dominations to win their choice of one item from the prize pool below

    The Prize Pool:
    Unusual Taunt: The Victory Lap, Unusual Effect: Skill Gotten Gains
    Unusual Burning Beanie, Unusual Effect: Orbiting Planets
    Strange Shooting Star
    Strange Torqued to Hell Wrench
    Strange Defragmenting Hard Hat 17%
    Strange Festivized Professional Killstreak Jag, Killstreaker: Cerebral Discharge, Sheen: Manndarin
    10 Tour of Duty Tickets
    5 The Festivizer

    Be sure to join our steam group for more event notifications;

    Art work done by media not myself.
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    Now the above has all the good info!
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    Cant wait to dominate the new LE members

    Have an idea for an event? Need help recruiting someone? Want to join ego?
    Add me on steam or discord and I can help you out.
    Discord: 3dsam#3179

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    Aww man I can't win any prizes! I'll still show up and show off my Soldier though, I didn't play him competitively for nothing! I'll make you guys work for those prizes!

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    I cant wait to dom leadership
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    I sure hope I remember, because its over for the leadership.

    24,400,000+ HPs Healed.

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    Unfortunately won't be able to make it to this, so LE can rest easy....

    or can they?
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    time to play as SWEATY as possible to get some of this loot

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