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    Default Minecraft Kingdoms Release

    Minecraft Kingdoms Release
    10/14/19 | Artist: PickleZ | Writer: Jade | Editor: Thorium | #edgegamers #minecraft #server

    The wait is finally over! The time has come to formally announce the release of the long-awaited gamemode for out Minecraft server, Kingdoms. After a successful beta, many bugs have been squashed and requested changes were added.

    Jump in-game, choose a kingdom, and get to it! Collect envoys and PvP in the Warzone and mine for resources in the Mineworld. Stay on your toes for new updates and features.

    Why bore you out when you can experience it for yourself, in fact, what are you waiting for? Jump in at, go through the Kingdoms portal at spawn or type /server kingdoms to be thrown into the action! (Minecraft Version 1.13.2)

    Need some help getting started? Here’s a guide telling you all about it!
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    Arnarbatman made this one

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    Sounds like fun, cant wait to play with all of you.

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