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    Default ba_jail_prison_m_v - Add Numbers to Jump Rope

    for ba_jail_prison_m_v can there be numbers underneath the jump rope so that the warden can know which button is which level and that they dont accidently swoop all of the T's asses to death

    and for the colors of each number level can they go from green to red so that we can also know what difficulty they are or at least change the buttons for each level to a different color either way works
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    +1, I've seen too many Warden's start the game on the highest speed because they couldn't tell which side was the slowest and which was the fastest. Adding numbers 1 - 4 (1 being the slowest, 4 being the highest) below the buttons would definitely help with any confusion Warden's may have.
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    I think the only problem with editing maps is that you need permission from the owner. Correct me if I'm wrong
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    not really there are many maps that are edited for eGO so we are fine

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    This has been added. Thanks for the suggestion~

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