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    Default September Wall of Appreciation

    September Wall of Appreciation
    10/10/19 | Artist: steep | Writer: Dryden | Editor: Thorium | #edgegamers #community #ds

    As the month comes to an end and we approach October, we would like to extend our warmest thanks to all of our Dedicated Supporters for your continuous support to the community. Thank you to all of those who stay dedicated in supporting us each and every month!

    @American Tubbie
    @Blue Shirt
    @Bubbles yuh
    @Captain Gonads
    @Dr. Havok
    @Dr. Hex
    @Gater Hater
    @Grounded Justice
    @Grumpy Kitten
    @Jack L.
    @Logic Overflow
    @Send Noods
    @Sleepy Shinx
    @Slightly Worse
    @Tango v1.0
    @Tikkun Olam
    @USCG Hammer
    @Ygritte Snow
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    Glad to support!
    =(e)= 05 May 2017
    =(eG)= 02 Sep 2017
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    =(e)= Added back 11 Oct 2017
    =(eG)= 01 January 2019
    =(eGO)= 21 April 2019

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    Love to support a great, dedicated team. Thanks for your hard efforts all

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    That moment when you get missed out

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    Thanks for the post! I'll be around for a long time to follow :D

    They Call Me Divinity

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    Glad to support! Love the community

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    U.S Navy Veteran - Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) 3rd Class

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