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Thread: OneSync

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    Default OneSync

    We did some testing over the weekend for OneSync.

    What are your thoughts on it?

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    I'm on the fence, 40slot is good for the server and having a bunch of people in, but it being in alpha sucks, and I've heard complaints from other people that it causes texture loss, which I haven't experienced yet because I haven't played a ton with 40 slot, but I feel like this is the way we need to go to make the server super popular.
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    It's nice having more people but the abandoned cars that cant be removed and vehicles going to impound right away get annoying. Also see cars randomly spawn on others or flickering vehicles. I saw cars fall through the freeway and street lights randomly just break.

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    I'd try it again each month for a weekend and see how it goes each month. I've heard of people having issues enacting their abilities with it.

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    I think we have to stick it out a little longer. There is still a lot more tweaking we can do. If we abandon it now I feel it will be a lot more difficult to revisit it. I felt there were a lot of improvements made in just a weekend with server performance. I personally think we need to keep it for at least another week or two before we decide to either keep or remove it. The extra slots are awesome, we filled all 40 slots yesterday which is amazing. We need the slots to improve the server and bring more people in. We can still make some tweaks that will improve server performance so it's not like this is how it's gonna be until it comes out of alpha. So in summary I say we keep the slots where they are at now and over the next week or two server performance could be tweaked and improved, after that time is up we can talk about canning it or keep it for the time being.

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    We need a larger server to become more popular. I did see a lot more abandoned cars than usual, but if you've never been to the rough area of a large city, it's pretty spot on. 40 player slot was amazing! No ques!
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    Seeing that the vast majority wishes to wait, went ahead and just set to 32 for now. We can get S2 up and running if the Queue is overly full.
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    It caused more issues then it solved. Having the extra 8 slots was nice but the issues it caused were not worth it. Maybe when it becomes more stable it will be better but for now it is no where near ready.

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    With the 40 slot Pros and cons:

    -Noticed a HUGE influx of new players AND old returning players. With the 40 slot it added a few more slots to allow more players to join. Which in tails MORE RP!
    -The new refined processing of the new oneSync doesnt hurt frames! Before when the server pop would increase to anything above 32 players. My Frames would drop below a playable level. (I have a bada*s PC they shouldnt!)

    -Lots of cars were found just littered everywhere and half of them could not be DV'd or removed..
    -Noticed an issue with AIs spawning in cars around the city square at a ridiculous rate causing a disturbance in the force!
    -Others having a latency issue. Sometimes you would watch what appears to be a player driving their car normally, Than into a wall.. Then appear 4 blocks down the way. (Weird but this actually happen and it confused me so badly..)

    This just about sums up my experience with the OneSYNC trial and over all i give it 7 pogs out of 10.


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