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View Poll Results: What is the refresh rate on your display?

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  • 60Hz

    77 30.20%
  • 120Hz

    11 4.31%
  • 144Hz

    117 45.88%
  • 240Hz

    14 5.49%
  • Other

    15 5.88%
  • What is this refresh rate you speak of?

    21 8.24%
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    Default What is the refresh rate on your display?

    What is the refresh rate on your display?

    Thanks to Wr3k for this poll suggestion!

    If you have an idea for a poll, please submit poll suggestions in the "Front Page Poll Questions" thread.

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    idk what it is and what it mean anyway so got no clue :D

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    but im a great guy just add me i dont bite


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    Well, my display is capable of 144hz, but due to the limitations of my graphics card, I am unable to run 144, so I'm stuck at a sucky 60hz until I find an upgrade for my gpu.
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    Anything under 120hz is unplayable to me now. I feel like I'm in the past while playing when I change a display setting and it defaults to 60hz. @peloc What gpu do you have?
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    Once you got 144hz, you never go back.
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    It means Apple.

    Please... There's not a 's' in my name.

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    144hz master race.

    I think at the point of 144 it doesn't make much of a difference to go up to 240 (plus you would need to consistently run things at 240 fps to even take advantage of it) So I think it's the best value right now.

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    I believe I can do 240 hz but probably is 144. But like Peloc I am restricted to 60 hz but because of my monitor lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shower View Post
    @peloc What gpu do you have?

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    i bought literally the cheapest monitors i could find because i bought 3 of them

    but 60hz x3 is like
    180hz so
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