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    Not playing much myself these days... actually got a Nintendo switch and been enjoying that, don't have a desktop currently. Will likely do a fresh build within a year or so. Not much that eGO currently offers is for me, but I'd love to jump on something again down the road. So just hanging around helping with applications and keeping my post count up
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    Without DOD:S, EGO very well may not have existed. Thanks for your service fellas

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    3te is a good one the host realism/in with regular play, 3rdFAP is also modeling after this style in similar fashion once the server is up. then you got MRB and 6rb Brasil servers are fairly popular also DTB, Syp and 415 hit it off in the evenings est time round 7, 8 pm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skippy View Post
    A toast, to the end of an era.

    That said, when is our next Realism?
    read my reply to this.

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    The end of an era had a lot of great times with the DoD:S crew both old and new!
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    "But you know, I think the very best thing about friends - well the thing most people forget about anyways - is that no matter how many friends you do can always make more...and...that's pretty neat." - Michael J. Caboose

    "The law has many penalties for the atrocities we inflict on others, but there are no punishments for the terrors that we inflict on ourselves." - Doctor Leonard Church

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    It was fun while it lasted. Lots of good memories
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    =(eGO)= Annihilator [SF]: Chuck is so cool, ammo boxes come out of his crotch
    =(eG)= hk401: hehe u keep camping, i gonna eat u like mcdonald fries
    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= Lungbuster4417-notag-:  How bout you take them pants off
    Quote Originally Posted by Q-tip View Post
    Yar, boyo... Aye, the dirty dozen events be fun, like a chest full o' booty.
    Sonicx11212: its stif
    Sonicx11212: Like It doesn't want to bend at all
    Sonicx11212: and I'm worried about bending it too far

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    Hehe thanks Dope, but I was kidding for the most part. These days I spent most of my time in the world of Rust. I might hop back onto War Thunder one random day to dive bomb Headshot though....
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    Random pub: hey so what's griefing?

    =(eG)= wiseguy: it's like when your dog dies

    For those who wonder, Skippy's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

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    Great to see everyone stopping in for old times!

    It's always sad to see a division go, I'll definitely miss my DoD and DoD:S time, but it's good to see eGO evolving and continuing to keep the community as the heart of what brought us together in the first place.
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    Really neat seeing all these names pop up again to pay their respects.
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    Now 20% more infinite in all directions

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    This is actually incredibly sad for me. I still play on the servers and have for years. I was looking at coming back to be an admin and I come back to see the division being shuttered lol. I swear I have the worst luck. I'll keep playing the game to be certain. I was an eGO in tf2 as well so perhaps I'll look into going back that route, a lot has changed since I've been gone. DoD:S was always my everything when it came to being here though. I recognize a few names. At least Annihilator. Been too long to be sure. Very sad.
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    NO body better mess with THIS Brave Little Toaster!!!

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