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    Default Supported Game Announcement: Day of Defeat

    Supported Game Announcement: Day of Defeat
    10/5/19 | Artist: december | Writer: CloudOnPC | Editor: Arbiter | #edgegamers #dayofdefeat #supportedgames

    Attention EdgeGamers,

    It is with a heavy heart that the Community Management team has decided that to end EdgeGamer’s support for our founding game, Day of Defeat. Day of Defeat has been the heart of the EdgeGamers’ atmosphere for nearly 13 years. Although support will end, the people who got us this far and the memories made will never be forgotten. While we close out on this chapter of our community’s history, many more are sure to open!

    Please share your favorite memories from Day of Defeat in the comments below.

    Thank you for carrying the weight! See you, space cowboy!
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    Well, can't say we didn't see it coming. But what a ride. Had so much fun with the DoD group for many many years. Lots of realisms, lots of late nights in vent and TS. They got me through a few years of college too, just having the escape to a great group of people. We had a good run. Happy to say I was a part of it.
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    I unfortunately never played it, it makes me sad that I won't be able to play on the server that we support.

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    rip, hadn't played on it in years but damn it was good back in the day

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