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    Default FiveM Server Updates & News | Part 3

    This threads intent is to update everyone on recent changes you might have missed. This thread does not include every change that has happened. If I missed something, feel free to add it in the comments below. Hope you enjoy!

    Merryweather Security
    As the city struggles with increasing amount of crimes, business become paranoid. Merryweather Security opened its door to provide security to the civilians in San Andreas. Give them a call if you require security.

    Merryweather is also hiring new officers. Interested in serving your city? Submit an application.!

    Law Enforcement

    San Andreas State Police
    The State of San Andreas is pleased to announce that they have gathered the required funding for the formation of a new agency. San Andreas State Patrol. The Federal Bureau of Investigation will be pulling out most of their assets in the state. In its place, SASP will be assuming jurisdiction of the State of San Andreas.

    Members of the FBI Field Office in San Andreas have accepted positions within the SASP. The Governor has appointed Adam Savage as Colonel and Winter Night as Lieutenant Colonel.
    The SASP will be supporting the Los Santos County Police Department (LSCPD) as well as lead efforts in speed enforcement and drug interdiction.

    Los Santos County Police
    Ever wanted to work for a professional police agency? Good news, the LSCPD is hiring new LEOs! Submit your application today if you think you have what it takes to complete the academy!

    Speeding Laws
    With the increasing amounts of speeding drivers, the government found no other options then to increase the punishments for speeding. Make sure to slow down your speeds to avoid trouble. Additional information regarding this can be found on the government's website.

    With the large amount of poverty, the public fights back. Multiple robbery attempts have occurred in different locations in San Andreas. Law Officials fear that itís only the beginning. We encourage all shop owners to ensure all security devices are properly operational.

    With the opening of SASP, dealers seem to have changed their habits! Anonymous reports have told us they have to overcome a most challenging experience to gather their necessary substances. It seems dealers have evolved in their ways. Wanting to find out for yourself? Maybe pay the mafia a visit?...

    There have been multiple sightings of the Mafia in Los Santos. The following graphics could be hard to see for some readers. We pray for the public to lock their doors and walk carefully when in public.

    Jardines Auto Sales
    On a low budget? No problem! Jardines Auto Sales have opened their doors in Sandy Shores by the airfield providing low cost used cars to civilians in need. Drop by everyday to view their stock. You can find anything from super cars to everyday sedans!

    Weazel News
    Hey mom! I am on TV! Thatís right! Los Santos famous news channel have opened their doors after bankruptcy and has new ownership! Find them covering all the latest stories in Los Santos.

    Picture credit Mazzex
    Looking for employment? Submit your application today!

    Los Santos Transport Agency
    The LSTA had a meeting with the city council and reached an agreement to step out of their contract with the Los Santos Taxi Company and restructure themselves into Luxa Airlines, the cityís most luxurious flights. Still wanted to work for the taxi agency? No problem. The council will be adding the taxi job to the city job center.

    Luxa Airlines
    Wanting to fly in a luxurious environment? Wanting to fly to a location as quickly as possible? Looking for an overall professional airlines to fly with? Look no further as Luxa Airlines has landed in Los Santos.

    Apply for Luxa Airlines today! (Rebranded from LSTA)

    The dealership have recently begun receiving their inventory through Luxa Airlines. They have been receiving weekly shipments of beautiful vehicles.

    Interested in joining the dealership? Apply today!

    San Andreas Recovery & Tow
    The mechanics have rebranded! With a fresh name, comes a new building! The SART have moved locations for a more convenient service for all the citizens of San Andreas!

    Interested in joining the mechanics? Apply today!

    Medical Centers
    The State have finally reopened their doors to Sandy Shores, and Paleto Medical Center. With the increasing need of medical personnel, the State of San Andreas have conveniently established a self check in for the Emergency Room in Pillbox Medical.

    San Andreas Fire & Rescue
    The SAFR is in desperate need of additional boots on the ground! Rumors have it there is a 75,000$ sign on bonus to every medic who completes their training! Apply for the SAFR today and serve the civilians of San Andreas.

    Application form:

    Direct Connect

    Thread by @Oblixion
    Pictures by @Oblixion
    Picture Actors @Inkery @Chicken Noodle Soup @Callum4Eternity
    FiveM Development Team for the features

    Huge thank you to the amazing team working for the GTAV FiveM Server.
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    I was told that jardines only deals in limited time cars? not every day sedans? I think you're confusing them with County Custom Cars that have the widest range now, I don't know if the 2 joined, but I know that the mechanics joined with CCC, and are now up in harmony, not in the city anymore

    Instead of saying the increasing crime, and speeding, maybe say that there is now a crack down. Or better yet, say that there's a change in the tides in the fight against it.

    I am excited by taxis now, and interested to see how robberies go now, but like hell I'm letting them take me as a hostage!!

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    oh, I just never see the chaos there anymore XD

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