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    My 2 cents worth.
    The dart gun cross hairs dont always light up and you need to flip to another to another kit bit and back to get them back.....
    And this one that gets me killed all the time (like i need help). When getting into any vehicle, a newly reloaded RPG often needs to reloads itself when you exit the vehicle. Happens at the WORST times. Wait extra time after reloading, then mounting up to avoid this.
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    That happens to me with the dart gun all the time...I just roll my mouse wheel back and forth one click.

    Have you notice that the dart gun is amazing for spotting?

    I've noticed that if I drop a box of ammo, then get in a jeep and drive across the whole map, when I jump out I still have to wait to drop another box of ammo. It's like the timer stops.

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