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    Lightbulb TrackyServers Voting! (Benefits)~ Vote today!

    Hey guys!

    Finally got the info I needed in order to get you guys some rewards for voting for our server on TrackyServers.

    Here is how you vote.

    How to vote on TrackyServer: By @Oblixion

    Step 1
    Visit the TrackyServer EdgeGamers link.

    Step 2
    You are now on the eGO post for TrackyServer. Scroll down the page until you find this section.

    Step 3
    There are two types of voting options. Normal votes don't count in rewards, but this will help us all the same. Steam voting is what is checked on our server. This requires you to sign into steam, and you then follow by submitting your vote.

    Follow the steps, it will have you sign up and login through steam to submit the vote.

    Get REWARDED: Go on our server and do /checkvote, this will reward you if you voted!
    10k is currently what it is set as. 1hr of work for 1 vote! Easy! (This can be done Daily (once every 24hrs)

    Thank you guys for voting and supporting our server!
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    i remember some minecraft faction servers used to have these w/ rewards, pretty cool.

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    Does it count up say i dont play for a month and vote everyday will it stack?
    if it doesnt u should add that
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    This reminds me of Minecraft servers I used to play on having a similar feature. I think it’s great!

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    Don't forget to vote! :D Lets beat 600+ this month!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Summer View Post
    Don't forget to vote! :D Lets beat 600+ this month!
    @Summer ive been trying to do it daily but i havent hopped on the server in like 2 months so i hope the money stacks up


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    Almost 700 votes
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