GTAV: Hiring Police & EMS
9/2/19 | Artist: Coder | Writer: CloudOnPC | Editor: xValence | #gtav #fivem #edgegamers

Are you tired of criminals running around? Are you tired of drugs being littered throughout the city? Then join the LSCPD and do your part to clean the city. Cleaning the city isn't for weaklings, so be prepared to go through rigorous training to better sharpen your body and mind to protect our city against criminals. Join today and save the city!

If fighting the scum of Los Santos isn't your cup of tea, how about saving the innocent with the EMS of Los Santos. Hold the lives of the citizens in your hands as you prevent death in the Los Santos. Save those in life-threatening situations and make sure that the inhabitants survive the scourge of life.

Must be an =(e)= member and up to join.
Applications link & more info can be found here.

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