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    Cool GTA: Labor Day Promos and Awards!

    Happy Labor Day everyone! You knew this was bound to happen. With our server just reset a few weeks ago and the server poppin'. We would like to recognize these great people who was here for the most of it and those that continue to be here. Give it up for these guys!





    Vet 1

    Chicken Noodle Soup

    Vet 2


    Vet 3

    Jeremy Duck

    Vet 4

    Taylor (MS approved)

    Vet 5


    Spirit of eGO






    Major Awards: We do not give these this often and we appreciate these individuals with their hard work being day in and day out in the server. Thank you guys!

    Advisor Commendation


    Marco is constantly an active member of eGO. He is quick to jump in the server even when others aren't on and is an active participant at events. His active RP is awesome, and he's a very helpful player when it comes to testing jobs. Also He is helping to keep the criminal side of things alive running things from behind the scenes giving people a run for their money almost literally (if you know you know). Thank you Marco, we present to you the Advisor Commendation award


    Sesh is constantly an active member of eGO. He can often be found in the server populating it when others wont and despite possible server mishaps always rolls with the RP. His active RP is great, and when a job was taken out he had no problem rolling with the RP behind it and even adding onto it. He is a great help with keeping the server full and also an active member at events. Thank you Sesh, we present to you the Advisor Commendation award

    Divison Leader Commendation


    Remas has been working on the handling files of our past and current cars in our GTA FiveM server. He has a passion for adjusting and fine tuning them for us to enjoy and live our best roleplaying life around them. With his enthusiasm, he made an SOP for the Car Dealership and got that boat sailing. Currently, with a handful of dedicated employees, the dealership is a hit and the roleplaying around car dealership enhanced greatly and is appreciated by many. Without his help in car adjustments, our cars would be rather silly with handling and almost ridiculous to have in the serious aspect. With great honor, I present Remas with the Division Leader Commendation award. Thank you, this was well deserved.


    Inkery has been with us for a good while now. From a mechanic recruit to owning his own milk man business, he is an amazing person to RP with. He began helping our GTA division as a helper for Event Coordinators, then receiving full EC once he became an O. He was appointed to the Recruitment Manager position for GTA due to his do good personality, overall helpfulness, and amazing recruitment and leadership skills. I am proud to award Inkery with the Division Leader Commendation Award. Thank you for your dedication to EdgeGamers.


    RedDragonKnight has been with EdgeGamers for a little over 8 years now. When you need to get admin trained or have any admin related questions about anything, he is your go to guy and almost always has an answer for you. He is currently our GTA Admin Trainer Manager and also is part of the server development team in assisting with Lua coding. With his continued and long last dedication to EdgeGamers, I am proud to award RedDragonKnight with the Division Leader Commendation Award. Thank you for your dedication to EdgeGamers.


    Jordy, one of the newest GTA managers, has done quite a bit since he has been with us. When events started to decline, he rose to the occasion to run events and build the team back up. He is currently the Event Coordinator Manager for GTA and is bringing the team back to life by hosting fun filled events throughout the week and weekends. With his determination, unique ideas, and leadership skills, I am proud to award Jordy with the Division Leader Commendation award. Thank you for your dedication to EdgeGamers.

    Distinguished Service


    One of GTA's newest Managers has played an important role in the success and advances for our GTA division. Before he was Manager, he gave countless hours training new admins as an admin trainer and helped with the FiveM development team testing new scripts for the server. With this, his knowledge of FiveM coding bought him to where he is today and our 2019 reset wouldn’t have been done so quickly. For his dedication and hard work in GTA, we are excited to award him the Distinguished Service Award.

    Thank you everyone! Those that have been promoted, please sign up for admin training on the forums! Cheers! <3

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    WooHoo Congrats on promotions everyone !! :D
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    Congrats everyone on your awards you are all such amazing people !!

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    Congrats to everyone and also thank you!

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    Congrats everyone on the promos and awards.
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    congrats to everyone
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