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    I am also not playing till this weekend, and have started there

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    Hit level 20, almost 21, I know people are a few levels ahead of me but I'm really playing the auction house. Got up to 7 gold before I had to buy a lot of skills at 20 like my new water, blink, blizzard, frostbolt rank 4.

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    I have the charter for the guild, I will be on tomorrow night at around 8:30 or so (depending on how the que is). My battle net is Divine#11346 and my in game name is Triumphing, send me a message then we can meet up and I can get you to sign the charter!

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    I sent a request to you Divine will be from Krokus
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    I added you as well Divine, it will be from Greglolz. Excited to play with everyone again!
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