Beginning of August, I went to Montreal to experience my second music festival ever, the first being Veld 2018 in Toronto.

It's easy to say that Osheaga was 100x better than Veld, everyone agreeing with me when I said "This festival makes Veld look like it was made for 14 year old festival beginners". The lineup was crazy, the sets were crazy, the park was beautiful with the water view, the food was so good (BUT ****ING OVERPRICED.), and the performances of some were so ****ing good I was just in awe.

The best performances for me were -
1. Childish Gambino
2. Joji
3. Tame Impala
4. Denzel Curry
5. The Lumineers
6. Schoolboy Q
7. Suicideboys
8. Bas

Of course with good performances, come some shit ones. The two I was hyped for but were actually hot trash were A Boogie With a Hoodie and Young Thug.

Do you guys attend music festivals, or concerts? Or both? What were the best performances you've seen?