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    Smile Homecoming Knife Giveaway & MORE | by Maryvale

    Homecoming Giveaway | 2019

    A lot of players have been doing giveaways, so I decided that I would step up to the plate and give back to this community. Nobody really cares about why though, you guys just want the stuff so I'll get right to it. In the case of speculation, yes I am giving away a knife and no I do not have one. I personally don't care for skins and many of you have probably noticed that regardless of my skill or hour count, I have actually never owned a good csgo skin. I have thought about getting into it more recently however, so we'll see.

    Starting with the giveaway items (more being planned, looking to spend $150.) :

    * $20 Steam Gift Card
    * 1 Month of Dedicated Supporter
    * Steam Game $5 Under Of Your Choosing
    * AK47 | Elite Build (POSSIBLE TRADE DELAY)
    * $5 Paypal

    Date of draw: October 22th, 2019

    To enter this giveaway, you must do the following:

    * Thank this post to thank me for doing this giveaway. (this is how you will be numbered, very important.)
    * Tag 4 of your favorite people in our community.
    * Maintain good behavior in the community.


    After this giveaway there will be a thanksgiving giveaway ($100) , and then a phat christmas giveaway, $200

    Winners will be drawn on video, live in teamspeak.
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    @Maryvale @Shower @ReX @miguel-

    Maintain good behavior in the community.

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    @ConfissionXD @mom @Jordan @mom @Bronx

    Never thought the day would come where I would make my own charity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mom View Post
    @ConfissionXD @mom @Jordan @mom @Bronx

    Never thought the day would come where I would make my own charity.
    I would be glad to donate to the mom foundation.
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    MS AT+ Media support. + [REDACTED]
    Dryden#0001 /id/elsewhere

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    @Dryden Don't forget bad things will happen if you win this
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