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View Poll Results: How many caffeinated drinks do you consumer on average per day?

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  • 0

    77 40.96%
  • 1-3

    76 40.43%
  • 4-6

    18 9.57%
  • 7+

    7 3.72%
  • Enough where time seems to stop...

    10 5.32%
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    Default How many caffeinated drinks do you consumer on average per day?

    How many caffeinated drinks do you consumer on average per day?

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    Sometimes none, sometimes 1, rarely 2
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    I don't drink coffee. I hate the stuff! Though I do enjoy an ice-cold coke now and then.

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    Same as kaise pretty much.

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    After dropping my wife off at work in the morning and before I get my day started I end up stopping by the good ol' McDonalds and get me a Medium Mocha Cafe. Let's just say that I go enough times to where the employees refer to me as "Mocha".

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    It's greater than Zero, but less than One. So I guess 1-3 would be the more logical answer.

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    Morning coffee, coffe on my way to work, coffee at lunch (sometimes one around 2), and then my preworkout.

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    I don't drink soda and I drink a lot of water but I can't stop myself from drinking too much coffee

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    Sometimes 1 usually none. Used to be 3 or more.

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    Depends on the day if Im off and grinding CS mabey 3+ but ill cancel it out with like 6 bottles of water as well
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