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    Default Back to School Promotions & Awards!

    With the school year coming to a start for some members here at EdgeGamers, the CS Leadership Team would like to take some time to recognize hard-working individuals who have helped better our servers during the summer. Whether it be playing all day long on TTT or grinding some late-night hours on JB, we would like to thank the following members for all the dedication they have shown toward the community over the past few months.

    @Just Apollo
    @Wing of Fate

    @Grumpy Kitten
    @Peoples People

    Admin Excellence


    We would like to thank you for your dedication to the servers, and stepping up when needed!



    For constantly helping others in the servers as well as your dedication to the servers. Thank you for the great work!

    Admin Trainer


    For exemplary service as an Admin Trainer.

    Renaissance Man


    In honor of your multi-divisional efforts to help EdgeGamers grow and prosper, we are honored to present you with the Renaissance Man award.

    Veteran 1


    Thank you for your longtime service and dedication to eGO!

    Veteran 2


    Thank you for your longtime service and dedication to eGO!

    Veteran 4

    @Custom Stats

    Thank you for your longtime service and dedication to eGO!

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    Grats bois!
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    MS AT+ Media support. + [REDACTED]
    Dryden#0001 /id/elsewhere

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    Congrats everyone!
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    Congrats everyone keep up the great work. Don’t forget to get trained!

    Admin Training class at 11pm EST! Sign up here

    Can’t make the clas? Keep a look out for more classes or request an individual training here
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    congrats lads
    Shalom, Member Services Event Coordinator and Social Media in Media Team

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    Congrats everyone, hope to see good things out of you all!

    Event Coordinator Manager for Member Services,
    Interested in joining and a G level admin? Apply here

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    Congrats to everyone!! Well deserved, and thank you all!
    ~ HooVay to the Rescue ~

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