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    Default I've taken a break...

    First of all if you don't know who I am, I am Snowy. I joined eGO in late December of 2018 and I've been playing on the Jail Server and TTT servers since.

    With that out of the way I'll begin with saying My first couple months in eGO weren't the best, I definitely made some poor decisions and in General was a toxic little kid on CSGO.
    The reason why I took a break is pretty simple, I was burnt out. I was playing Jail every single day, for upwards of 6 hours or more, so I deiced that my IRL priorities had to come first. So I took a break from late May till Today 9/14/2019.

    I'm happy to say I'll be back playing on the Jail Server, trust me I'll be a little rusty, so CT's be on the lookout. I'd like to keep this a less of an addiction this time around, so I wont be on as much. I look forward to seeing everyone on the server!(Also Thinking About Doing GTA V RP, but we'll see)

    Until next time, Stay Frosty
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    welcome back maybe i see you
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    but im a great guy just add me i dont bite


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    welcome back I do remember how toxic you were, but think about how much I've reformed and you will see that it is possible to change your act.

    lets get this bread

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    Welcome back =D
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    hey welcome back! hope to see you around. breaks are needed here and there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowy View Post
    So I took a break from late May till Today 9/14/2019.
    i think u meant 8/14/19 loll, but it was 2am when u posted so i feel.
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    Welcome back, nice to see you again!

    I play on JB a lot, TTT and Minigames sometimes. My favorite TTT map is Krusty Krab and my favorite JB map is .

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    Okay? Not sure what that means, but thanks.

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