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Thread: Kingdoms Beta

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    Exclamation Kingdoms Beta

    Hello Everyone!

    We as MC leadership are proud to announce that the Kingdoms game mode is oh so close to being done! The final step is a small beta period of a few days. We will be opening a lottery for beta spots. Spots are limited to 12, and DS will be receiving two entries as thanks for their donations.

    For an early peek at Kingdoms before everyone else, please put your name and a statement acknowledging requirements in response to this post. Winners will be announced this Friday (16) at 8PM EST! The server will then be open from Saturday, August 17 at 3PM EST to Friday at 11PM EST, August 23.

    Must be a member of EGO (all ranks can participate)
    Must be able to play at least 4 hours during beta period
    Must be able to be in TS for part of the beta period
    Must agree to report all bugs you may find

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    I acknowledge all of the requirements listed above.

    Can't wait to play this!

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    Woot Woot.

    I, WaSe, consent.
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    Sounds great, I acknowledge the requirements stated above.

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    Dryden agrees to terms and conditions
    MS AT+ Media support.
    Dryden#0001 /id/elsewhere

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    I acknowledge the requirements and agree to follow them

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    shalom im shalom and i agree to the terms and conditions
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    I am strash and I agree to those terms and conditions

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    Find bugs? Challenged accepted. Sign me up! Also is it 4 hours total for the week or 4 hours a day?
    Member Services NME Coordinator
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