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    Default "When I say go which is not now"

    I am proposing we ban "when I say go which is not now" commands. Reason: It is pointless and causes people to get killed. It is a cancer command that serves no purpose other than letting the kill hungry CTs get a burst of enjoyment from popping a poor T in the head.

    Example: Warden gives the command: "when I say go which is not now, follow the line to the red marker", Poor Jimmy who is new knows no better and does it straight away, and gets killed by those pesky CTs who only play to get kills.

    The warden could have said: "follow the line to the red marker", This then means poor Jimmy doesn't die and it also removes the delay, which again is pointless.

    If anyone can give me a valid reason for this command to exist then please share, since I can only see defects.
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    As a warden, you must NOT
    Give dishonest, confusing, misleading or trap commands, for example:
    "Confusing the Prisoners, for example: When I say go which is not now, go to the blue circle, then opening the cells and killing everyone who went or giving so many orders quickly to make them loose tracketc."
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    Simply saying for example, "not now, but follow my rainbow line.... Go" Would work perfectly. However I don't see this being a big issue, maybe I just haven't noticed it.

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    I asked about this in a previous thread to make sure this was allowed, my argument was and still is that the command can help on maps like vip where the cells can be opened by prisoners and you are still waiting for Ct's to get where they want to be. This would go like, *cells are opened by T*, "When I say go which is not now get to the red marker and freeze... go.". Your argument is this is unnecessary but, I like this command as long as wardens don't mess it up. It gives, at least for me, time to give a full command before T's follow it and right as I see a Ct where they need to be I can just say go instead of the full command once I know the Ct wont be killed.
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    I've been told not to use it for confusing T's.

    I see the point of it in specific situations, such as if the red marker doesn't exist yet or the line is still being drawn and you want them to get ready to go. I do agree that they should just be removed, though.
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    If Wardens deliberately baits the T's into a trap command please punish accordingly. I wouldn't go as far to out-right ban this phrase.

    As Warden I tend to use this phrase to make sure T's don't get an advantage from starting a game or to give the CT's a chance to get out of the way of the path I am taking the T's.

    For example, T's are near the start of a game and I'll say "When I say go which is not now pursue the game. Taking x winners by x time...go". This can also be phrased as "When i say go pursue the game, taking x by x...go".

    I understand this can be re-phrased differently such as: "All t's get to start of climb" then you explain the parameters and commence the game however we shouldn't go to the extent of restricting players on how to get their point across.

    If any Warden delays the round by using the phrase that has no real purpose other than trying to bait the T's into easy kills then the Warden needs to be w/k/b as this is unacceptable.
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    I don't see the issue with the command. And as you said only new people don't realize what warden said.
    I use this command a lot and no one ever got killed by the CTs for going before. This command is useful because Ts tend to the command before you even finish it. So to have time to say the rest of my command I say "do this command when I say go which is not now", then I finish my command and say go. I don't see a problem there.

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    Poor Jimmy who is new knows no better and does it straight away, and gets killed by those pesky CTs who only play to get kills.
    Poor Jimmy who's new, could just do what every other T does. If the other T's go, then he goes.

    Once you do what the others do, after a while you will catch on and understand.
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    i use it to set up chains of commands so people don't just follow the markers as i place them, however sometimes it can seem confusing, depending on how the warden use it. i dont think we should outright ban it, but just admin each situation as nessacary like jacko said

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    Why do you even need to say the "Which is not now" part. That just sounds so incredibly dumb. If I was a warden and I said "When I say go, run to climb" and people started running before I say "Go" as an actual command, I will tell them to go stack back with their team or blast them for rebelling if they keep running. You don't need to specify "which is not now", that's honestly more confusing than leaving it out entirely.

    If someone dies for running and tries to use the loophole excuse "WeLl yOu SaId gO??" then they are in the wrong. If they are an admin they need to be trained again. To quote the rules
    As a T, you may look for loopholes in orders when appropriate. If you are basing your actions of these technicalities, end up being killed for them, and then begin to complain, you are in the wrong.
    This "which is not now" phrasing is bad and you should feel bad for using it. It is implied.
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