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    Talking A Drawing of One of my Friends!

    Took me about an hour to make, my plan was to make an hour-long video of my drawing it while listening to Minecraft parodies, however, the software I used ended mid-way through the film, plus no audio was recorded, so next time I'll use different software. This is my second time doing this type of work, I really don't draw or do much art, so I'm proud of what I did because most of it looks pleasing to me. The face is a trainwreck however, there was nothing more difficult than the face, I went over it like 5 times and this is the best I could get it (: I'll definitely be doing 2 more sometime in the future, I'll try recording again. Please if you have any tips or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!
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    That looks really good!!!!
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    Better than what i wouldv drawn haha.
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