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    Default FiveM Change Log- Reset 8/2/19

    Change logs

    MW Tahoe added
    TheLostMC lost
    Bank Robberies added
    Various bug/exploit glitches fixed throughout the week
    Twitter update : Required an actual phone to use.
    /twtuser <name>
    Hospital Check in system (when 1 or less EMS is online)

    Previous drugs nuked in DB
    New Drug script release
    Mafia was added
    Fuel price Increase for job.
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    Change logs

    Mechanics script updates
    Fleet added, bugs squashed
    Dealership cars added

    Fuel Script update ~ Fuel Crisis

    FBI cars fleet update
    Fire Explorer added.
    Merryweather Whitelist script in.
    Edits to ESgarage for it
    Dealership cars added
    MAUL update ~ See eG discussion for more info. Members tags/names (port from MAUL)
    EMS Update~
    Various fixes.

    Fuel saves in garages
    Removal of PD/EMS/Civ cars fleets undergoing.

    More Tattoos
    4k removal from cars. WIP most civs are done
    Added food and drink items.


    PD gets Criminal Records ~ f5
    Civs get Past Animations with walks ~ F3
    Backups were made
    Hidden location for crafting items chosen (W.I.P)

    Trailer script added with trailer
    Various fixes for FBI, EMS scripts
    Locking script added (distance is great!) Press L.
    Dirty Money weight is 1.
    Airplanes/Helicopters has trunk now.
    Crawling- Press c
    Carrying people on shoulder /carry

    Trunk script replacement.
    Impound moved in city moved.
    Mechanic- 2 more vehicles to tow things, tool holding limit increase.
    The Lost- Ranks changed from 0-7.
    TrackyServer Script- Voting awards 10k for voting steam wise. /checkvote
    Dealership Civ update, added on and price reduced.
    Fixes for PD/EMS Garage for upgrades and various other parts.
    Sitting is shift e
    EMS/PD locks are changed to G due to new garage (separate from Civs)
    Added "The Lost MC" whitelisted job
    Added Mechanic shops around the city
    Added a "Diner" interior in La Mesa
    Fixed being able to spam G while dead

    Bottom left HUD has been re-done, this saves on performance by ~0.10ms in a car, and ~0.20ms on foot
    Standard store robberies were removed due to an exploit
    Trees and such were removed due to performance on low-end machines
    First pass on the "CARNOTFOUND" glitch - Will fix more of them at a later date

    CivDealership cars added along with Supers in RP Dealership

    Sitting is back
    Multiple interiors added Grapeseed
    Clothing store edits add bags,vest
    Airlines Dealership added
    Airlines garage/impound
    Airlines Job/License/etc airlines
    Cargobob Job (for licensed pilots)
    Seatbelt fix (press k, no dings)
    LS Customs reduced their prices by a decent amount
    Replacing heist is the generic robbery system due to error with it.
    More Smash N Grab robberies.
    esx_trunk checks inventory to see if you can hold that amount or not
    esx_dealership added new cars, awaiting final big list
    M menu for cars
    /givekey <id> to give someone a spare key to someone for your car. (doesn't sell)
    esx_drugs prices increased along with circle information
    Locking cars makes a beep beep (will be fixed to just locking sound soon)
    Jobs you are always "on duty" so as soon as you are in, you are ready to work! (helps if you crash and log back in)
    esx_ambulancejob edits for more spots/awaiting skins for boat,cars
    esx_mechanic job car add ins

    Talking/Robbing while dead
    Full price for dealership returns
    Paychecks fixed at 10 minutes than 1hr
    Miner job removed due to economy issue
    /d1 for Drivers door
    /d2 for Passengers door
    /d3 for rear driver door
    /d4 rear passenger door
    Fixed taxi always being miles out
    You have to sell drugs to NPC
    Drug speeds have increased dramatically
    Arrow up and down show player menu and ids above head
    /showid <---show your id

    /givecarkeys implemented
    Various DB edits

    Seatbelt script edited to actually work if you don't have belt on. Must take belt off before exiting "K" is still the button
    EMS Clothes added
    Civ Vehicles can be bought without dealer on across the street from the main dealer. Must RP for sports/supers at main shop
    Society Fixes so they can't see if not a boss, as well as withdrawal from properties, police stations, ems, etc.

    -Vehicle shop added for renting/RP Car Dealer
    -Custom cars added
    -Civ Vehicles always purchasable now
    - Jobs increased pay to earn ~$10k per 1 hour
    - Fuel now takes less (0.5 -> 0.2)
    Idling takes 5 and a half minutes to drop 1%
    Going 120MPH takes 58 seconds to drop 1%
    - Non-whitelisted jobs pay $15 for paychecks
    - Unemployed earns $5
    - Removed vehicle black out script
    - X26 Taser & Glock added
    - DMV prices reduced (75,100,100,150)
    - DMV now uses the Bagger bike instead of Sanchez
    - DMV Truck translation fixed
    - DMV now uses MPH instead of KMH
    - Miner job adjusted to carry more items
    -Added "/switchchars" command to easily switch characters instead of re-logging

    -> Police cars now spawn with certain upgrades (and are actually lockable/storable now)
    -> Police are now able to use weapon attachments
    -> Police icon is now a lighter blue
    -> Multiple new police stations (La Mesa, Ranch/Davis, Vespucci Canals/South Rockford Drive)
    1) New menu design & position
    - The new design is to fight those who use Light Mode on Discord *cough*
    - The position for everything was moved to the right-center to avoid it covering up something you want to see
    2) New Phone
    - While you wont be able to call anyone, this new phone system aims to be better than the last
    3) Non-Whitelisted Jobs
    - For the longest time these jobs have been boring and bland, but now they will be better in the sense of being re-done. With updates we will be adding animations that you will do when at certain points of a jobs position.
    - And for the economy, every job has been re-balanced to pay less (don't be discouraged tho, everything else price wise has been re-balanced as well)
    4) Police/EMS
    - Police & EMS are now able to purchase their own vehicles from their garage, with this we are now able to remove the restriction of people not being able to drive them because they are now able to lock the vehicles finally
    5) Vehicle Shop
    - You may notice once you get in that there is no Super Cars or maybe your favorite car isn't available , well that's because they were removed. But don't worry, they will be coming back once we are able to introduce a player-run Dealership where they will be able to sell you specific mid-to-high end vehicles. This is to encourage more RP for everyone.
    6) Gun Store
    - As with the last server, the gun store allowed you to purchase weapons & attachments for your weapons. This will remain the case.
    7) LS Customs
    - Prices have been increased since the last server so now everything is no longer $500
    8) Store Robbery
    - We now have 2 type of systems (1 still in testing) for robbing stores. 1 of them is the old way where you trigger at the vault and wait it out.
    - The 2nd one is more of a "Smash-N-Grab" where you run in pointing your weapon at the clerk and they will give you money
    9) Shops
    - 2 new buy-able items with more to come
    - Notepad - allows you to create notes for someone
    - Narcan - Allows you to remove the effects of drugs off your character
    - 1 hidden shop
    10) Fuel
    - FINALLY! No more being stranded in the middle of nowhere without any gas. You can now purchase jerrycans from every gas pump!
    11) Locking
    - Police Station have received new locks for their doors, and same with the new Pillbox Hospital Bottom Floor. No more snoopers
    12) Car Jacking
    - To cut back on the amount of stolen cars that Police have to deal with, the locals have FINALLY decided that enough is enough and have now started to lock their doors. Although there is still ~15% or so that don't. Maybe they should be taught a lesson.
    13) Multi-Characters
    - This has been talked about quite a bit. You are now able to have 3 completely separate characters. They share nothing together. You have different Jobs, Bank Accounts, Cars, Houses. Everything.
    - Currently the only possible way to switch is by re-logging, but this is being looked into.
    14) Heists
    - You are now able to properly do a Bank Heist. But first you need some equipment. You will need to acquire some tools before you may begin. Might I suggest, bringing someone who is skilled in "hacking"
    15) Jail
    - The addon has been replaced by a better one. You will now serve your time at Bolingbroke Penitentiary in a cell. But, you may also serve it working for the guards.
    16) Blinkers
    - No one used them, so therefore no one will have them. Every vehicle manufacturer has re-called all the vehicles and removed them.
    17) Notifications
    - Over time we will be switching to a better notification system which will appear at the top right area
    18) Handling
    - A LOT of complaints on this part, and let me start by saying that every addon vehicle will have realistic vehicle speeds.
    - Every cop car (including FBI) have all had their handling re-done and now every vehicle will go as fast (or close to) their IRL counterpart
    19) Seat belt
    - This is something that will bring back some memories for people who have played before, and it is the exact same, but with a better touch to it. They now play the annoying dinging sound when you don't have it on.
    20) Maps
    - No more shall we suffer with bulky custom maps. Everything will need to look as if it belongs there, and so it shall.
    21) Air Control
    - You will no longer be able to control your big, heavy vehicle in mid-air
    22) Recoil
    - Weapons will now "shake" your screen when shooting to "attempt" to disorient you.
    23) Emotes
    - New emote system (/emotes to see available emotes)
    - Use /e <name> to start an emote, and either walk or use /cancelemote to stop
    24) Toggle Neon
    - Hate being stopped for your bad choice in Neon? Well now you can turn it off!
    - Use /neon to turn it on/off
    - Use /neonleft or /neonright or /neonfront or /neonback to turn the respective on or off
    25) Flashbangs
    - SWAT will now be able to utilize Flashbangs to "stun" people (effect lasts for 8 seconds)
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    Changes are up to date as of 8/15

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    Changes up to date as of 8/18

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    Changes up to date as of 9/1/19
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    Changes up to date as of 9/15/19

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    Up to date as of 9/27/19

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    Up to date as of 10/29/19

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