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    Lightbulb Ct's on high dive delays the round

    On maps with High dive, Ct's sit on top of High dive and camp the top. This wouldn't be a problem if 3 things didn't apply. One being rule 34 of the FAQ being: "34) As a Guard am I able to play T games to get a better vantage point or play T games with the ST in games like tic-tac-toe? No, guards cannot play T games unless its to pursue a rebeller or on freedays/LR." ,in my interpretation of the rule, being on high dive should be using a T game to gain an advantage. Some may say that as long as the Ct doesn't jump into the dedicated pools this would not count as playing the game. I disagree because just like the starting platform of skill jump, Ct's cant be on the game AT ALL for an advantage. My other problem with Ct's being on high dive is for no other game in Jb, does a warden have to ask ct's to "get off the game". This delays the round and ,for my argument, greatly supports the idea that Ct's shouldn't be there. My last problem with Ct's on top being when they say "Well (admin) does it.", this is never a good argument and shouldn't ever be acceptable. Even if this is a problem with practicality over rules, it is very frustrating as a player trying to be right when the counter argument is so much about a blame game and never about what the rule is meant to address.
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    agreed, maybe im just salty but its always annoying to see cts camping on the t game. Like you said its enforced on other games but not on high dive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CtrlAltDelicious View Post
    Going to go ahead and throw this out there as this was something that was brought up before.
    With this wouldn't the act of going up the ladder count as "actively pursuing the map game"? Also this still does not address the point that being up there delays the round because the Ct's are on a game and must leave before the t's can play.

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    No, going up the ladder or being on a platform of High Dive isn't considered playing the game. A trend that I'm starting to notice with these types of suggestions is that more often than not, they are conducted because of a bad experience that someone had as a prisoner trying to rebel.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with CT(s) going up there nor should we bar them from doing so based on such a minuscule scenario. If the Warden plans on playing that particular game then simply tell the CT(s) to get down from the game, what does this waste? 10 seconds? Just like in any other game it is the Warden's responsibility to not only maintain prisoners, but the Guard team as well. "If CT(s) are allowed to be on High Dive, then why aren't we allowed to be on a platform or box of a climb based game?" The answer to that is simple, your playing the prisoner game to gain a vantage point. We can sit here and compare games, scenarios, et cetera, but at the end of the day there isn't anything wrong with CT(s) using a platform of this game to gain a vantage point.

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