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Thread: Hello again!

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    Smile Hello again!

    Hi friends,

    Iím back! And by back, I mean back from my leave BEFORE the Prestige Gaming merge. Itís been a minute.

    A little about myself:

    • Iím 22 years old.
    • Iím a post-graduate student with a bachelors of science majoring in mechanical engineering.
    • I work as a project manager at a software company.
    • I love to golf, but Iím awful.
    • If it isnít CS community maps, itís indie games or Clone Hero...Iím really good at that game.

    I hope to see you all around! Iím mostly seen in Jailbreak, TTT, or Surf...but I may pop in elsewhere


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    welcome back! pG oldies, love it! hope you enjoy eGO!

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    Welcome back to Edge Gamers! Enjoy your stay here with us! Don't forget to get on the Team Speak 3 and introduce yourself to people!

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    Welcome back, and it's fun to see you on the server.

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    Hay welcome! I was a prestige member too! i just joined Edge gaming as well. I think you'll love it here!

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    Its good to see a returning player. Welcome back and enjoy.

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    Welcome back to eGO. Happy to see you back on the servers!

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    Hey @buckiize! Welcome to EdgeGamers! Enjoy your stay!

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